About Us

We are a growing group of designers, who want to use our expertise in designing and building things, to pass along this expert knowledge to our readers. We want to make this site fun and informational! We feel we can offer our unique perspective in areas such as digital products, software, crafting, software, crypto currency, outdoors, cycling, kayaking, boating, design, interior design, pet products, wordpress and so much more!

We hope to help you, our readers, our audience, make informed decisions on what to buy, give discounts, free stuff, and any other way a designer can assist! While there are currently just a couple designers contributing, we hope to grow more and add writers to this space. Is this you? Contact us and let us know you want to contribute!

Site Creator, Sarah Randolph – Product Designer, Agency Owner, VP of Design

Sarah Randolph, Product Designer
Sarah Randolph, Product Designer

The site creator, Sarah Randolph, is a designer with 20+ years of experience designing wordpress websites, e-commerce, tangible products, and materials for clients. She’s worked for agencies, Disney, Marvel, DARPA, Dun & Bradstreet, the San Francisco Examiner to name a few. She’s currently managing a design team in the fintech space and living in Portland, Or. She owns a web hosting company & web agency, The Barbary Co. Her favorite things to do are: Kayaking, boating, cycling, crypto investing, interior design, creating art with her Cricut Maker, and fundraising for others who need help. She spends most of her time with her older Chihuahua, Pixel, and most of her money these days seems to go to vet bills, as Pixel recently underwent treatment for his little heart. The two are connected much like E.T. and Elliot. She is hoping to buy a house one day, with big windows on the river, with a dock and a boat to take friends out on the water. She also hopes to buy her mom a house. She dreams of working remotely full time and traveling to new and exciting places, and working from anywhere!

Writer & Contributor, Susan Randolph – Interior Designer

Susan Randolph
Susan Randolph

Susan Randolph is an antiques dealer and interior designer from Aptos, California, near Santa Cruz, but originally from Milwaukie, Or, specializing mid century modern and danish modern furniture. She is also Sarah’s mom and best friend. Susan has worked in many different industries throughout her lifetime, enjoys cooking, canning, antiques, buying and selling danish furniture, interior design, walking on the beach, spending time with her daughter & grandson.

She’s a jane of all trades and has expert level knowledge in a variety of subjects, loves apple products, painting, investing, she’s ran a marathon, and donates much of her time to charity and helping the less fortunate in her area. She’s both kind and funny. Susan and her daughter make quite the team.

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