Top 5 Free Powerpoint Templates Download sites

Got a Powerpoint presentation coming up? Spice things up with a cool template!

I recently had to do a powerpoint presentation, for an interview. I randomly decided to search for ‘cool powerpoint template’, and found way more than I bargained. I had no idea so many cool and FREE Powerpoint templates sites were out there, creative templates, business templates, cool templates, fun templates… etc you get the point. I thought I’d do my first top 5 list posting, and share with you some of my favorite template sites, and my favorite templates there.
I’ll start with number 1, being my favorite, and work my way down the list. Here we go!

Let’s start with my number 1 favorite Powerpoint template site first…

drum roll please….

  1. Slides Carnival

    Slides carnival holds my all time favorite powerpoint template – ‘Cute Robots‘. I love Slides Carnival because they offer visualizations, cute custom icons, charts, and like 40+ pages in the presentation to use. They’re so great, I can’t believe they’re “free’. The way the site is designed is fantastic too, you can preview the templates without having to download it first.


    All offers a large database of free templates. They’re definitely my second favorite, just because the way they have them organized, but also offer some quality designs. I’d say these are more “professional” and business type templates. They also offer Google Slides templates for those of you ANTI-Microsoft users.

  3. Slidesgo

    These templates are also super cute! I’ve checked out a few, I’d recommend these for school presentations, or for teachers.

  4. FreepikUm hello! How could we not mention Freepik! If you’re a designer, you definitely know about this site. I’ve mostly downloaded free vectors from here, but had no idea they do Powerpoint presentations and google slides too!
  5. Slidehunter

    This one wasn’t on my radar before, but sure is now! Slide hunter also offers resume templates and so much more!


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