Why I love my Après Nails and how my nails survived the pandemic.

How I have fantastic salon quality nails and save bank every month doing them myself!

Gel-X Nail Extension Kit
Gel-X Nail Extension Kit

When UPS arrives after I know I’ve placed an order, I am OVERJOYED! What did I buy this time??? Well, spoiler alert, its from Après Nails. I run to get my package and can’t get it open fast enough. I’m super excited today, because I’ve just ordered the new french manicure kit, as a present for myself for my birthday. I also ordered a full set of the pastel Art Ink collection, which I have never had before. It came with blending fluid. I haven’t tried that either, I did try making my own, I’ll show you how if I don’t have the blending fluid below. Are my nails filed and ready? I now have plans tonight.

How it all Started…

Who says SOMETHING good didn’t come out of the pandemic? One of the few silver linings of this dumpster fire of a last year for me was trying the Après Nails Kit that I had seen at my salon, Fingerbang, where I used to go, and yes, I DID design their website. When things closed up here completely, nail salons got hit hard. But I still had acrylics, and was prepared to do a crappy job doing them myself. I remember I’d seen this new thing that the salon was offering, and thought, this is the perfect time to try applying gel nails that are practically already done, without bumpy acrylic stuff all over my fingers.

The first application…

Gel X Extension Kit
Gel X Extension Kit

I watched a tutorial online, and went all in on ordering their GEL-X™ NAIL EXTENSION SYSTEM, which had everything i needed for a salon quality manicure. The entire kit cost over $100 with a box of tips. But, it was about the cost of what I would pay for ONE visit to the salon, with nail art. Instead I had enough product to do them about 40 times, as each set has 50 gel nails of each size. I tried that and a few of their marble Art Ink colors to start.

Art Ink by Apres Nail
Art Ink by Apres Nail

Apres offered something called Afterpay, so I could make payments on my purchase, and got free shipping since I spent over $100. It took me a couple times to get the light just right and to do it on myself, but one tutorial showed me how, and I couldn’t believe HOW EASY it was and how great they looked. They stayed on for the full two weeks!

At this point I was hooked…

I couldn’t wait to start experimenting with some of the other colors. I got into the metallics, started using the magnet, then buying the foils, then trying other nail shapes. I did the natural square shape at first, since I knew I could file them to coffin if I wanted. Then the stiletto. I found it easy to order refills, and nail night has since become one of my favorite pandemic activities to keep me busy and sane.

I got better and better at applying them.

New French Manicure!

Tonight, this is what came – and I’m about to try the new FRENCH MANICURE set! I haven’t had a french manicure in years, there’s no way I could do that by myself. These natural medium coffin shaped gels have grooves which (GENIUS!!!) disappear when you put a coat on over. I’d love to meet the designer that invented this by the way. Whoever you are, you’re my idol. As this post is a work in progress, I’ll post the results after I’m done.

Apres Art Ink and Coffin Natural French Gels
Apres Art Ink and Coffin Natural French Gels

Thank you Apres! Take all of my money. At the end of the day, I’ve saved thousands at the salon by using your system. I have plans again even in a pandemic, and love that I get to do MY OWN art.  I never leave a salon disappointed, because I made a wrong choice I have to stick with.

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