Cricut Easy Press 2 Review – Should you buy one?

Is the Cricut Easy Press 2 worth the price and should you buy one?


Spoiler alert, I love my Cricut Easy Press 2! I bought one about six months ago, and have used it a ton. This is why you can trust what I’m about to tell you, and hopefully you’ll want to buy one too, vs the knock off version, which I don’t recommend! Today, I am going to talk about Cricut Easy Press 2. It’s a heat press machine that’s only more effective, but also handles a wider selection of materials as compared to its predecessor.
I purchased the ‘Raspberry’ one in case you’re wondering!

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Easy Peasy!

It’s also easy to learn and use. I didn’t need any tutorials or help learning it. It works out of the box. While the first Easy Press is faster than a traditional heat presser, you will be impressed with the power and speed of Easy Press 2 due to its thicker heat plate.
Without further ado, let’s dive into my Cricut Easy Press 2 review and learn more about this machine. In this article, you will learn all about the features, pros and cons of this workhorse. You can buy Easy Press 2 at Cricut Store!

What is Cricut Easy Press?

Easy Press 2 is a machine that allows crafters to move their HTV (heat transfer vinyl) and iron-on designs to their desired surface.
Iron-on represents a type of material that requires heat to be moved successfully. It’s used to customize metal, wood, t-shirts, and paper.
The way you put pressure and heat to your HTV or iron-on is super important. If you don’t perform this process the right way, you will ruin your materials.
Keep in mind that every type of surface and iron-on vinyl requires different temperatures and the ideal time for the correct transfer. This unit enables control over these settings.
Therefore, you can forget about the guesswork! Cricut Easy Press 2 makes sure that you get the perfect results every time but only if you follow instructions.
With this heat press, you can heat up and move your vinyl nicely. You will have flawless custom shirts or surfaces every single time.

Here’s a video I found for someone unboxing the Cricut Easy Press 2.

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What Size Cricut Easy Press Do I Need?

The Cricut Easy Press 2 is available in three different sizes to match different crafting needs including:
• 6 x 7 inches (ideal for cosmetic bags, baby gear, and other smaller projects)
• 9 x 9 inches (perfect for most projects and make the best choice for crafters)
• 10 x 12 inches (allows users to press bigger clothing designs in a single press)


How Big is the Cricut Easy Press 2?

The small is 6 x 7 inches, the medium is 9 x 9 inches, and the large one is 12 x 10 inches. However, which one covers what? The small one is ideal for smaller projects.
If you buy a small Easy Press 2, you will be able to customize socks, baby onesies, shoes, hats, gloves, and napkins. The medium-sized unit is perfect for different projects.
With this unit, you will be able to customize sweatshirts, aprons, bags, children clothing, pillows, towels, costumes, and table runners among other projects.
The large one is suitable for adult clothing like sweatshirts, t-shirts, big pillows, blankets, pants, sleeves, and banners. What size Cricut Easy Press 2 do I need?
When shopping for a heat press, think about what type of projects you want to make? If you’re a crafter who’s interested in various projects, buy the medium size.
However, if you like to make adult clothing, you will need a larger size so that you don’t have to transfer the heat press machine multiple times over the same design.
What Materials Can I Use With the Cricut Easy Press 2?
This heat press can handle different materials including polyester, cotton, blends, nylon, silk, corkboard, mesh, felt, cardstock, chipboard, and faux leather.

What Does Cricut Easy Press Do?

The Cricut Easy Press 2 delivers professional iron-on results in 1 minute or less. Mixing the speed of heat press machines and the simplicity of irons, this unit provides fast results.
The results you will get with this unit stick even after frequent washes. Also, it’s an ideal complement to Cricut cutting machines. If you like iron-on projects, you will love Easy Press 2.
Most crafters realized that traditional ironing is hard and frustrating. With this heat press, you can forget about guesswork. Easy Press 2 makes every project a breeze you will enjoy.
You don’t have to worry about specific parts being exposed to certain amounts of heat or wonder if you have enough heat added. Easy Press 2 delivers flawless results every single time.

Is the Cricut Easy Press Worth it?

I’m not going to lie, I considered buying another press at first, but, I’m glad I didn’t. One, those machines never work for very long. Spending a little more for something you know has the solid reputation Cricut brings is worth the extra money. The temperature settings also work specifically for all of those tutorials you’re going to watch, and the others don’t actually go up to 400 degrees! For this reason alone, it is worth it. I went for the largest one, mainly so I can make and sell t-shirts online. While I haven’t gotten to the online sales part, my family loves what I’ve sent. Custom tees just for them! I’ve saved so much money on gifts that aren’t personal, the easy press allows me to make customized gifts just for them. As small and cute as this heat press may look, it packs some important benefits such as the following.

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One of the biggest challenges to utilizing a regular heat transfer machine is knowing what temperature it should reach. Adjusting the temperature can be a frustrating guessing game.
With Easy Press 2, you can forget about guesswork. This machine allows simple temperature adjustment up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. All you need to do is approach the LED dashboard.
Use the buttons present to interact with the digital dashboard and voila. Setting the proper temperature has never been easier thanks to the advanced settings of Easy Press 2.

Interactive Features

Having great features is one thing. But knowing how to interact with them correctly is a whole different thing. The issue with that is you need to rely on guesswork.
This can be risky especially when heat-pressing is required. Luckily, this heat press handles that issue by providing some interactive features such as the digital LED dashboard.
This draws your attention to the proper settings the device is set on. The C button on the right-hand side of the unit which switches colours depending on the mode it’s set on.
Lastly, there is a beep that notifies you when the project is ready or when a pressing session is finished. As you can notice, Easy Press 2 is a great tool to have around.


This heat press is lightweight and compact. Many crafters consider this as one of the biggest benefits. It’s loaded with a handy, convenient handle.
You can utilize this handle to carry your unit wherever you go or simply lift it from the safety base. It can also be used to apply additional pressure as you press your material beneath it.
The whole unit is small and beautiful. You can easily shove it into your favourite tote bag and take it with you wherever your crafting passion takes you. It’s a small jewel.
It has a compact design which means it’s easy to store. No matter if you live in a small studio apartment or have a small working station, you will always have space for this machine.
Flawless Results
The reason why everyone likes this heat press so much is that it’s capable of making designs that can last even after multiple washes. Easy Press 2 delivers flawless results every single time.
However, only time can tell how accurate this analogy is. So far, the heat press seems to do a perfect job judging from how good it seals the corners of designs. However, is it worth the money?
In my opinion, it’s worth it. It’s one of the best-valued heat presses for home use for a reason. It’s not as big and versatile as the heat presses for commercial use but it’s perfect for home use.
How to Clean Cricut Easy Press 2?
The heat plate is created of aluminium with a non-stick ceramic coating. If you want to clean your plate, you can utilize commercially available iron cleaners.
If you accidentally adhere iron-on film on your plate, grab a dense rag and wipe it off as fast as possible, while it’s still hot but be careful not to burn yourself.
How to Use Cricut Easy Press 2?
Firstly, connect your heat press to a power source. Then, you can push the power switch and allow your unit to heat up for a couple of minutes.
You will be able to know once the machine is ready for use as the mode switch will change from orange to green. The next step is setting the right temperature.
This depends on your fabric and vinyl material. Before you activate the unit, put your fabric on the workspace. Iron it softly to remove any moisture in the fabric.
Lastly, put your vinyl with the design against the material you would like to personalize. You can put the unit gently against the material and push the C button.
The timer will turn on and you will hear a beep once the process is complete. Take out your unit and let the material cool down for a couple of seconds.
Remove the vinyl and voila. You have a flawless artwork imprinted on the fabric. If you’re using the small Easy Press 2, you will need to use a few sessions per project.
However, you need to work on bigger surface space. Most people usually forget to push the C button to start the heat-press process so don’t forget to push the C button.

Do You Really Need Cricut Easy Press? Yup. You do.

Cricut made Easy Press 2 to provide the convenience of a regular iron with the durability of a heat press. It’s a compact, stylish and efficient heat press machine.
A firm pressure while pressing down is all you need since the temperature is even throughout. This heat press is easy to use and delivers lasting results every single time.
Of course, using this heat press isn’t mandatory. You can try a regular iron. However, don’t expect to get fast and lasting results as you would with this machine.
Cricut Easy Press 2 Temperature Guide
With this device, it’s easy to know exactly the proper temperature for your project depending on which base materials and iron-on you’re utilizing.
All you need to do is review the Interactive Quick Reference Guide. Pick your materials and let the guide present the recommended time and temperature.

Who is the Cricut Easy Press For?

If you want to open a business and handle hundreds of t-shirts per day, then you will need a bulkier heat press. But if you’re looking for a heat press for home use, Easy Press 2 is perfect for you.
It’s one of the best household heat presses on the market. It’s both compact and efficient. And makes a better tool than your regular iron. It’s superior and delivers great results every single time.
Is the Cricut Easy Press 2 Just a Big Iron?
The answer to this question is both positive and negative.
Easy Press 2 is kind of like a large iron. It has a thicker heat plate that warms up to the temperature you adjust. It’s a rectangle or square surface and delivers flawless results.
Previously, I have used a regular iron for my iron-on projects. You can use a household iron as well but it takes a lot of time and can be very frustrating. Irons are oddly-shaped.
Therefore, when it comes to pushing design to a shirt, you pass the image a few times and lose track of which sections of your artwork have had enough pressing and which haven’t.
The temperature gauge is also important. A regular iron doesn’t show the temperature, while Easy Press 2 does. It also has a timer to notify you when your project is completed.
What Comes With the Cricut Easy Press 2?
If you buy this unit, you will also get a safety base, safety warnings and instructions, a warranty card and practice project (storage bag with green vinyl).

Pros and Cons of the Cricut Easy Press 2

Every heat press comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s summarize the pros and cons of Cricut Easy Press 2 before you place your order.
• Perfect for both beginners and professional crafters
• Available in a beautiful raspberry colour and three different sizes
• It delivers professional results every time due to even heat temperature
• Cricut Easy Press 2 warms up hotter and faster than regular heat presses
• It’s lightweight and compact which makes it easy to move and store, especially the small version
• High-quality results because your designs are ideally pressed on many of heat-transfer materials
• You can adjust the right temperature according to the material and surface you’re using
• It heats up quickly and evenly by a touch of a single button without assembly needed
• Easy Press 2 eliminates guesswork because it comes with a timer
• Children love Easy Press 2 because it’s easy to learn and use
• It’s efficient and safe thanks to its streamlined safety base
• Costlier than the original Easy Press

Although Easy Press 2 comes at a higher price than its predecessor, it’s still worth the money. Easy Press 2 comes with more benefits and features. Therefore, it has a higher price!


Easy Press 2 is easy, convenient to use, efficient, and simple. It provides effective and long-lasting results every single time. Many crafters adore this heat press.
I love it because it warms up faster than the first Easy Press. Therefore, I can finish MORE projects in less time. It saves time and boosts profits for small businesses.
Overall, it’s a good investment, whether you’re a business owner, hobbyist or student. Have you used it before? What’s your experience? Share in the comments!
It’s costlier than its predecessor and other heat presses on the market. However, it’s also better and has more features. Therefore, it’s superior and more powerful.
Hopefully, my detailed Cricut Easy Press 2 can help you determine if this heat press is for you or not. And remember, choose the size that meets your crafting needs.

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